Faith to Finance - A Christian Venture Capital Company

At Faith to Finance we are Christian venture capital company, that means that we invest in small companies that operate on Christian principles. There are several reasons that we do this but they all come down to the fact that this is a choice we have made about the way that we want to run our business. It has worked very well for us as well as for the investors that have allowed us to handle their money.

If you are not familiar with a Christian venture capital company we are not that different than any other venture capitalists except that in addition to considering the potential profitability of a company we also make sure that they operate in a Christian way. This may or may not mean that they are openly religious. Some of the companies that we work with are clearly Christian while in other case it is less obvious. What you can be sure of though is that any company that we work with does operate to Christian ideals.

Make no mistake however when we are assessing companies that we are going to invest in we make sure that they are likely to be profitable. In this respect we are no different than any other venture capitalist; we are not going to make a bad investment just because the company happens to be Christian. If we did this we would quickly be out of business and that wouldn't help anybody. Therefore we look at things like what their business idea is, what kind of management they have and how much money they have made in the past.

The reason that we operate the way that we do is that we are firm believers that businesses are part of the community and they have a responsibility to be good citizens. Therefore it can' be all about making money at any cost. Money can be made in a way that takes the greater good into consideration. This is the kind of company that we strive to be and in order to do that we have to make sure that we are working with companies that believe the same things that we do and are looking to a positive influence on the community.

The decision to invest only in Christian companies is also good for business, it turns out that there are many investors who believe the same thing that we do and are looking for companies to invest in that believe the same. Therefore we are able to attract investors who want to put their money into Christian companies which means that we can work with more of them. This not only allows us to increase the number of companies that are operating with the same ideals as us it also allows us to offer better returns to our investors, exactly what everybody is looking for.